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Hello there,

I'm Micella, founder and owner of


Momma by Design.

I'm so excited you found me! I am the creative boy mom (high five to all the boy moms out there)of a now rambunctious toddler and future gentleman. I am the wifey to a slightly taller, dark, handsome and inspiring man. I have a degree in fashion design and designed for a safety apparel company for a number of years, but I knew God had more in store. While pregnant with my son, I found a lack of natural and God centered resources and knew I wanted to fill the void for other mommas out there. 


I love educating and empowering mommas and mommas-to-be, to live healthier and more holistic lifestyles and to guide their families to do the same, as God intended.


Where my holistic journey began...

My mother was inspired to have a home birth with me, after my aunt had had a beautiful and non-invasive home birth. As my mom was pregnant, she did her best to give her body and me, the best nutrition she knew how. My cousin had two home births to which I assisted in carrying hot water to her birthing tub. I was in awe watching her beautiful births! She later became a midwife and delivered my baby! I grew up in a world of home birth normalcy and knew I wanted to plan my own home birth when it came time and encourage others in their birth planning. My labor ended up being only three hours and not at my home, but my cousin's/ midwife's house. During my pregnancy I focused on making sure I had nutrient dense foods and was conscious about what was going into my body and in turn my baby.  I also rid my home of toxic products and only used clean body products.  I wanted the same for my child. My toddler eats whole foods with only clean ingredients and has not had any refined sugar. I love reading and researching plants, foods and oils etc. It is amazing how God created all of these tools to aid us in our lives on this earth.  


"I am passionate about creating a holistic environment for my entire household and sharing what worked and didn't work with others."

We are all in this together Momma!

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