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6 Toxic Items in Your Home That Could Harm You and Your Family.

This post contains affiliate links or links to products. I only post links and recommend products that I personally believe in. I may receive a commission for any products you purchase using the links that I provide. I am not a medical professional and any advice given is not to treat or diagnose any disease or condition. My blog post is my opinion and is for general information purposes only.

Did you know that there are over 80,000 toxic chemical used in the United states! Uh, scary! And most of the products in the majority of American's homes contain some BAD stuff! For children and expectant mothers the effects of these products can be even more detrimental. The good news is, more and more natural products are coming to market, but it's hard syphoning through products to find the truly clean and healthy ones. I hope the list below helps get you started. Our health is priceless and worth the extra time and investment. Here's a simple list to start investigating and clearing out any harmful products and create a clean healthy oasis for you and your family. You also don't want your littles getting into poison!

BEWARE of "natural" products or green colored labeling. Many call this form of deception "green washing". Many of these companies are trying to trick customers looking for cleaner and healthier alternatives. I've been tricked myself! Even if you are tricked, get rid of it! Cut your losses, your health is more important. Many people say, "they wouldn't sell it if it wasn't safe". This is so far from the truth. Companies after only the bottom line will sell at any cost. Just look at the Round Up lawsuit for example or Johnson and Johnson. Try to find alternative companies that find it there mission to provide healthy products and walk the walk. If they sell "dirty" products along with the "clean", I probably wouldn't trust them...just being real!

1. Cleaning supplies. Cleaning products can contain some of the harshest chemicals and ingredients considered to be endocrine disruptors. Breathing in these chemicals and carcinogens can cause things like cancers and can exacerbate existing conditions and disorders. Infertility and hormonal issues, birth defects just to name a few concerns. My rule of thumb... if I have to wear gloves, it's not going in my house!

Say "NO!" to ingredients that you are not familiar with. Look it up first before you purchase.

Alternatives: Vinegar and baking soda are great substitutes for harsh cleaning products. I use both, along with Young Living's thieves cleaner! Check out the link, become a member and save

It smells great and Thieves oil has actual health benefits. Some essential oils that are great for cleaning are Thieves (which I already mentioned), lemon, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint and more. These oils actually have great benefits to your health and well being.

2. Makeup. Finding clean makeup is so important! After all who wants harsh chemicals on their face? Most makeup contains ingredients like formaldehyde (what they use to preserve dead things in Biology class!). No wonder my face would break out every time I used concealer from the drugstore. Artificial dyes, mystery fragrance, heavy metals like lead and aluminum (these are often found in some of the "natural" mineral makeups so be careful).

Alternatives: Natural products have come a long way and are performing just as good as the "dirty" stuff with out the side affects. Some clean brands include, 100%Pure (love the matte lipstick), Young Living's Savvy Minerals, and Beauty Counter (love the vitamin c serum).

3. Bath and Body Works products/ lotions, soaps, shampoos. Ok, so we all love the "smell good" stuff, but when you find out what's hiding in these products you'll be running for the hills. Your skin is the largest organ and absorbs what you put on it. The body sprays and lotions contain mystery fragrances that are being absorbed into our skin...YUCK! When it comes to hand soaps and shampoos, we have been brainwashed to think that lather and soapy suds mean clean, when in fact, many of these product are filled with harmful ingredients that just give us the illusion of clean.

Alternatives: Check out Earthley's fantastic products! They are a great trustworthy company. I have their amazing body butter in my shop along with some other healthy alternatives that I love. and for any products you don't see there, check out this link

100% Pure is another company that I have discovered that has an amazing makeup selection as well as shampoos and facial care. I also create my own products using essential oils, you can find a ton of recipes on Pinterest (be sure to follow dilution recommendations).

4. Laundry detergent and drier sheets. Laundry detergents often contain SLS, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, Chlorine Bleach, Ammonium Sulfate, Dioxane as well as Fragrance. The harmful ingredients in dryer sheets have been linked to asthma, pancreatic cancer, central nervous system disorders and more. They are not only are putting these harmful chemicals such as acetaldehyde and benzene all over your clothes but are emitting VOC's through the air.

Alternatives: Swap out detergent for Young Livings thieves laundry detergent (it's concentrated and it comes to about 2 cents a load!). I have also used Zum Clean laundry detergent. Wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets are a great way to ditch the dryer sheets. Still want a scent, drop essential oils on your dryer balls before drying your clothes. Hint: I find it takes at least 6 dryer balls for one load (but you can use them over and over. Such a great investment.)

5. Room fresheners and perfumes/ colognes. A lot of these products contain aerosols.

Alternatives: Diffusing oils can refresh your home and lift your spirit. Make essential oil blends and perfumes using witch hazel or vodka.

6. Candles. Some of the worst items you can have in your home. When burning, all of those carcinogens are entering your lungs and they are also filled with artificial fragrances which are terrible for your health. Alternatives: Still want your home to smell delicious and inviting? Again switch to diffusing essential oils. Not only are you getting good smelling home, but there are many health benefits to diffusing essential oils, just make sure you are diffusing quality oils. I use Young Living.

The hope of this post is to empower and not overwhelm! Start with one of the items to ditch and switch and keep going! Every little step is a giant win for you and your family's health!


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